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True Food Kitchen isn’t a vegan restaurant, though they have a few selections. The few they have are really great dishes. One of our favorites is this one and it is fresh tasting and a great mix of healthy food that includes ancient grains, avocado and mushrooms. The pesto and the vinaigrette make the dish and are the two things that make it seem complicated but they really aren’t.  They are just a lot of ingredients that make it really tasty the rest is pretty easy. The combinations of the foods make this healthy, fresh and vegan. A great no meat dish to add to your Meatless Mondays.

 When I find a dish I love at popular restaurants, I can usually find at least a copycat recipe. This time a news show had the Chef on the show and this is what he made, plus they shared the recipe.  So it’s the real thing, score!

I did tweak it some, because I wanted to keep to the ingredients in my kitchen. But it is as delicious as theirs. My husband keeps saying it’s better!  Here’s the recipe.

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